Storage Space

Paper files estimated growth is 15-20% per year.  Many businesses are running out of secure storage space to file these important documents.  A typical four-drawer file cabinet will hold 10,000 pieces of paper and can take up to 6.84 square feet of expensive floor space, including an open drawer.  They are anything but secure and paper is susceptible to wear and damage over time.

Efficient Workflow

Smartstor can often help "automate" repetitive functions such as A/P and provide secure, easily retrievable capacity for AR, HR and other business documents.  It has been estimated the average office spends 15% of their time filing and retrieving documents.

By implementing Smartstor Document Imaging, files are SECURE, not available to unauthorized people and retrievable immediately from your PC and automatically and correctly re-filed.  That provides the ability to share information through your enterprise, any time.

Disaster Recovery Plans

What would happen to your business if you had a catastrophic loss of data?  While some businesses have a disaster recovery plan for electronic files with off-site copies, critical hard copy papers are often not included in those plans.  The physical storage space required for duplicates can be simply impractical.  Paper files are susceptible to fire and water damage.

Scan your paper files into images using Smartstor Scanning, then use a proper backup storage routine so that your data can be securely and easily taken off-site.

Businesses use Smartstor Document Imaging to improve workflow, reduce document handling time and processing costs.  Documents can be retrieved and viewed securely and instantly without leaving your desk.